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Alumni Wall of Fame 2009

Wall of Fame 2009 Recipients April 15, 2009
Photo gallery of Induction Ceremony and more Pictures!
Alumni Wall of Fame 2009 Program

Jack Michael Bert, MD, FACS (1965)

Dr. Bert is a Clinical Professor at the University
of Minnesota and a
graduate of Northwestern
& Temple Universities.
He completed his orthopedic surgical residency at the Mayo Clinic. Dr. Bert has been in private and academic
orthopedic surgical practice since 1978. He has written over 60 scientific articles and contributed to numerous books on subjects related to orthopedic surgery. Dr.
Bert holds four patents on orthopedic devices and has been a visiting professor at
multiple International and American Universities.
Jane Skinner Goodell (1985)

Jane Skinner earned her BA & MA with honors from Northwestern University in
Journalism. She began her career as a political correspondent in Duluth, MN and a reporter in St. Louis, MO and Portland, ME. She served as the prime-time anchor in Milwaukee, WI and a reporter in NYC. Skinner joined FOX News
Channel in 1998 and is currently the co-anchor of “Happening Now.”
Andrei Najjar (1996)

Andrei is a fashion industry expert who holds a BA & MA of Marketing from Northwestern University. His passion for utilizing fashion as a vehicle for social change has earned him many national awards and honors. He has authored
several publications and lectures on marketing strategy and corporate social responsibility, and has led successful strategic and creative fashion initiatives for
various top retail companies.